From now on, home loan depends on regional factors

The home loan is completely overhauled, something that you can also deal with. From now on, Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels can determine their own rules, with a view to housing loans and fiscal measures in this area. The changes also apply to existing loans, not just when you now borrow money to finance your home. Keep in mind that your loan for your own house can also behave like a chameleon.



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The current place of residence will determine from 1 January 2015 where you will pay regional taxes. This is independent of where you are resident, so keep that in mind. You pay part of your taxes to the federal Belgian state, but also based on the place where you live. Do you live in Flanders? Then this place in Flanders will determine which tax taxes you have to pay, or which tax benefits you are entitled to on the other hand. Even if you move to another region just before 1 January 2015, the current place of residence in 2015 will determine which taxes you pay.


Own home by region

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From now on, the owner-occupied home falls under the control of the region, but then the region in which you actually live. Are you a tax owner of a property in Ostend, but do you rent a property in Brussels to stay close to your work? Then the Brussels region will determine what taxes you pay on your owner-occupied home in Ostend and what tax benefits you can enjoy on the other hand. The owner-occupied home is now covered by the region, but the costs of borrowing money depend on the tax rules in the region in which you actually live.


Tax benefits on the trip

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The tax benefits for current loans, concluded before 1 January 2015, would be retained for the time being. In any case, that is the message that has been proclaimed so far. However, the regions are free to make changes to this, so that it is not certain that the tax benefits will indeed be retained. It is not predictable whether borrowing money for a house will remain beneficial in the future. Only when the regions will set out their regime will it become clear whether it is still interesting after January 1, 2015 to borrow money for an own home in the different regions.

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