Create a virtual credit card for free?

Creating a virtual credit card for free 

Creating a virtual credit card for free 

Pay quickly and easily on the Internet? We give you important information about creating a virtual credit card for free and show you where and how to do it.

The virtual credit card was developed to simplify online shopping and make it even more attractive. The application process is free and quick , because a credit check is not necessary here.

The turnover of goods and services on the Internet has increased rapidly in recent years. But for many purchases on the Internet you need a credit card. However, while the plastic card actually has to be presented when shopping in real shops, this is not possible on the Internet, but it is also not necessary. The customer only needs a credit card number . It was only a matter of time before the first pure virtual credit card offer would be made available. It serves as a cashless means of payment on the Internet. The following data is saved when you apply:

  • Name of Cardholder
  • 14-16 digit credit card number
  • Expiry date
  • date of issue
  • the check digit CVC1 or CVV1

Including online account

Including online account

If you want to create a virtual credit card for free, you also get a credit account that can be managed over the Internet. It can be charged by bank transfer. It is the well-known prepaid model . The card can be used to pay within the existing credit balance on the online account.

It is advantageous that you cannot lose such a “card”. Likewise, theft is not possible in the classic sense.

Some providers also send the real plastic card. It has no magnetic stripe. Use at the ATM is therefore not intended. Sometimes you can also get a card with a magnetic stripe for a small fee, which can then also be used at ATMs.

If you want to have a virtual credit card created, there are usually costs when depositing into the credit account, for direct debit and for the transactions made with the card. Account management is free because the credit account only exists virtually. Any existing credit on the online account does not earn interest.

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